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2024 Oscars Predictions Test: Who Will Get Nominations for Best Picture?

1. Which genre of film do you prefer?




Science Fiction/Fantasy

2. What type of storyline captivates you the most?

Stories of resilience and overcoming adversity

Heartwarming tales of love and friendship

Historical events and biographical narratives

Imaginative and otherworldly adventures

3. Which aspect of a film is most important to you?

Acting performances

Cinematography and visuals

Historical accuracy and attention to detail

Creativity and originality in storytelling

4. What kind of protagonist do you find most compelling?

Flawed yet determined individuals

Quirky and relatable characters

Real-life heroes and heroines

Heroes and heroines in fantastical worlds

5. How do you like your films to end?

With a thought-provoking and impactful conclusion

On a heartwarming and uplifting note

Reflecting the historical or biographical accuracy

With a sense of wonder and possibility

6. Which of the following actors do you admire the most?

Meryl Streep

Leonardo DiCaprio

Viola Davis

Timothée Chalamet

7. Which of the following directors do you admire the most?

Steven Spielberg

Greta Gerwig

Martin Scorsese

Guillermo del Toro

8. Which Oscar-winning movie do you consider a modern classic?

It's time to predict the future with our fun 2024 Oscars Predictions quiz. Will 'Maestro' conduct a symphony of success, or will 'Oppenheimer' explode onto the scene?