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Red Blue Green Yellow Personality Test: Which Color Are You Quiz


Regarding life, your thought is:

I want to experience more in life and I have many interesting ideas in my mind.

I choose my goals carefully and pursue them relentlessly.

I prioritize obtaining and achieving all possible accomplishments.

I am unwilling to take risks to do anything, I prefer stability and calmness.


What you will prioritize when choosing the route to come down during mountain climbing?

Interesting, so I will choose a new route.

Safe and secure, so I will choose to return by the same way.

Challenge, so I will choose a new route.

Convenient and time-saving, so I will choose to return by the same way.


Usually, when expressing something, you prefer to:

Leave a deep impression on other people

Have more accurately expressed

Achieve my goal

Confirm whether others feel comfortable with my words


What expressions do you feel most similar to?

I am quite emotional.

I may seem calm, but my feelings can be intense, and it's hard for me to recover when I get emotionally hurt.

I am honest about my feelings, but I get upset and angry easily.

I am extremely emotionally stable.


Which of these best describes your need for control?

I don't like to control things, I'm not very good at self-control, but I can easily get others to follow me.

I have strong self-control and hold high expectations for both others and myself.

I hope others can listen to and obey my arrangements.

I don't like controling others, and I don't like it when others want to control me either.


What's the most important factor when choosing a partner?

We have similar hobbies and can do fun things together.

We think alike and can take care of each other with care.

We are equally intelligent and can discuss anything with each other.

We are inclusive and show tolerance and respect for each other.


Which of these statements about interpersonal communication is more like you?

I can make friends or connections with people quickly.

I'm careful about my relationships, and once I become friends with someone, the friendship will last a long time.

I hope to have a dominant role in any interpersonal relationship.

I tend to go with the flow in relationships and be more passive.


What kind of person are you most of the time?

A person with rich emotions.

A person with clear thoughts.

A person who is efficient and gets things done quickly.

A person with a calm mindset.


How do I generally complete tasks?

I always completed it before the deadline.

I usually plan my schedule to get it done.

I tend to prefer completing tasks quickly.

I will ask for help if needed.


In interpersonal relationships, I value more:

Receiving appreciation and recognition from others.

Receiving understanding and admiration from others.

Receiving gratitude and respect from others.

Receiving respect and acceptance from others.


At work, I tend to show more:

Enthusiasm and rich ideas.

Pursuing precision and perfection, being very reliable.

Be persuasive and have motivating skills.

Being patient, adaptable, and good at coordination.


Most of my friends would probably describe me as:

Someone who likes to share opinions and is skilled at persuasion.

Someone who always able to come up with well thought out and reliable ideas.

Someone who is very direct and speak very sharply.

Someone who is better at listening than expressing opinions.


How do I react when someone praises me?

Expressing gratitude.

If it is appreciation for my abilities, I would be happy.

Expressing doubt and feeling embarrassed.

Praise always make people happy.


My attitude towards life is:

Be myself and not care about the external world.

I need to constantly improve, because if I don't, others will surpass me.

I will plan ahead for the future.

Being happy every day is important.


My attitude towards rules is:

I am unwilling to break rules.

I like to break rules and do things my own way.

I am strictly following rules.

I don't like to be bound by rules.


How do I react when someone confides in me?

Show empathy and understanding

Provide feedback on the content

Analyze and provide a judgment

Saying whatever comes to my mind.


My attitude towards work is:

Just getting it done is enough.

It should be completed efficiently.

If I do it, do it perfectly.

I want to do the work that I enjoy.