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Abandonment Issues Quiz: Do I Have Abandonment Issues?

Abandonment Issues Quiz: Do I Have Abandonment Issues?

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The abandonment trauma test is a set of psychological questions to expose your overwhelming fear of losing closed ones. It helps you self-report emotions and concerns to analyze the validity of your attachment style or dependency in relationships.Abandonment Issues Quiz: Do I Have Abandonment Issues?

A Genuine Abandonment Issues Quiz

The abandonment issues test is designed to help you discover co-dependency, insecurity, or irrational fears of being inadequate.

Things That the Test Considers

One of the early signs of abandonment issues is self-questioning things like, “Am I lovely?” That’s because the person feels unlovable and worthy of being deserted by others. However, that’s not the only factor our quiz considers. We analyze three affecting elements to come up with precise and reliable results: The way your parents treated you as a child, abusive or toxic relationships in early childhood, and your current symptoms.

7 Undeniable Signs You Have Abandonment Issues

Abandonment Issues Quiz: Do I Have Abandonment Issues?

1. You are a people-pleaser.

2. You struggle with insecurity.

3. You have trust issues.

4. You are reserved and private.

5. You abandon others.(It may sound strange, but individuals with abandonment issues often reject others.)

6. You stay with toxic people.

7. You move on too quickly.

What if the Abandonment Issue Quiz Result was Positive?

It’s okay to be afraid of losing your loved ones—we all have some sort of similar anxiety. But if it’s as severe as an abandonment issue, you can try the following steps to change for the better.

Seek professional help

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is your best bet. You can talk to a therapist about your fears and anxiety and address them properly. Other options, such as DBT, can help you manage your emotions and learn how to deal with them.Abandonment Issues Quiz: Do I Have Abandonment Issues?

Value self-awareness

The fact that you asked yourself, “Do I have abandonment issues?” is a good sign. It indicates that you want to be self-aware of your possible mental struggles. Being aware of your emotions and understanding where they come from can ease the pain and give you the power to overcome them.

Learn self-love

You’re worthy of love. Abandonment issues might make you feel otherwise. But you have to practice loving yourself and caring for yourself. That’s how you can lower the sounds in your head trying to tell you that you’re not adequate.

Disclaimer: Read Before Participating

The abandonment issues quiz is not a diagnostic test. It’s a self-report questionnaire to help people wonder if they have an irrational fear of losing loved ones.Abandonment Issues Quiz: Do I Have Abandonment Issues?

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