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Personality Quiz: Are You a Scumbag?

1. How do you feel about staying in touch with your ex after starting a new relationship?

It's normal. Can't we still be friends after a breakup?

It depends on the reason for the breakup. A peaceful breakup isn't a big deal.

Once we break up, we become strangers. I need to focus all my attention on my new relationship.

2. What do you think is an effective way to get over an ex and a sad relationship?

Get into a new relationship right away.

Go to parties with friends to stay excited all the time.

Engage in hobbies to divert attention. Cry hard if necessary.

3. Your date offers to check your cell phone. How would you respond?

You don't trust me at all! Do you really love me? Cell phone content doesn't prove anything!

Although we are a couple, I think we should have our own space. It's not right for you to check my cell phone.

Sure, go ahead and check it.

My cell phone is my personal property, but if you really want to look at it, can I stay with you while you do?

4. You and your date have planned a date this Saturday, but your best friend asks you to go to a party with him on the same day and tells you that many old friends will be at the party. What will you do?

It's a rare opportunity to party with old friends, and there will be plenty of other chances to go on a date with my girlfriend, so of course I'll choose the party!

Ask your girlfriend for permission to go to the party, test her attitude, coax her, and promise to bring her a gift on the next date.

The promise of a date comes first. Of course, I'll go on the date. What I promised my girlfriend, I must do.

5. In the days you spend with your current girlfriend, do you have moments when you think of your past relationship experiences or think of your ex?




6. In an intimate relationship, what do you value more?




7. With every relationship, do you want it to last? Preferably for a lifetime.

How could that be? Feelings always change. It's not realistic to keep pursuing a lifetime.

Of course, I want the relationship to last, but not every relationship makes me feel like I want to be together for the rest of my life.

Of course, I cherish every relationship and will manage it with all my heart.