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Sociopath Test: Do I Have Antisocial Personality Disorder?


How do you typically feel about following societal rules?

I always follow them

I follow them most of the time

I follow them sometimes

I rarely follow them


How do you generally feel about the rights and feelings of others?

I always consider them

I consider them most of the time

I consider them sometimes

I rarely consider them


How do you feel about breaking the rule or law?

I never break the rule or law

I rarely break the rule or law

I sometimes break the rule or law

I often break the rule or law


How do you generally feel about empathy for others?

I am always empathetic

I am empathetic most of the time

I am empathetic sometimes

I am rarely empathetic


How often do you find yourself getting into physical fights or arguments?






How often do you find yourself being aggressive or hostile towards others?






Do you manipulate or exploit others for personal gain?

Frequently, without feeling remorse

Occasionally, if it benefits me significantly

Sometimes, but I felt guilty afterward

No, I do not intentionally manipulate others


How do you react to criticism or rejection?

I become defensive and angry

I feel indifferent and unaffected

I may become sad or hurt briefly

I reflect on it and try to improve myself


Are you able to maintain long-term relationships?

No, I struggle to maintain any relationships

I prefer short-term relationships and avoid commitment

I can maintain some long-term relationships, but it's a challenge

Yes, I have healthy, long-lasting relationships


Do you tend to feel guilty or sorry for your actions?

No, I rarely feel guilty or sorry

Only if it significantly impacts me

Sometimes, depending on the situation

Yes, I often feel guilty or sorry


How easily do you become bored or restless?

Very easily, I constantly need new stimulation

Easily, unless I am doing something highly interesting

Occasionally, in certain situations

Rarely, I can find satisfaction in various activities


Do you have difficulty recognizing or respecting others' boundaries?

Yes, I frequently disregard others' boundaries

Only if it benefits me significantly

Occasionally, but I feel remorse afterward

No, I respect others' boundaries


Are you prone to impulsive behavior or acting without thinking?

Yes, frequently and without remorse

Sometimes, if it seems exciting or beneficial to me

Occasionally, but I regret it afterward

No, I consider the consequences before acting


Do you value close personal relationships?

No, I prefer being alone and avoid close connections

I find them generally unnecessary for my happiness

I value them to some extent, but they have their challenges

Yes, I highly value and prioritize close relationships


Are you comfortable with taking risks or engaging in dangerous behavior?

Yes, I actively seek out risky or dangerous experiences

Occasionally, if it seems exciting or beneficial

Rarely, and I usually regret it afterward

No, I am cautious and avoid unnecessary risks


Are you prone to boredom and a lack of long-term goals?

Yes, I struggle to find meaningful goals or interests

Occasionally, when I'm feeling restless

No, I have clear goals and interests that drive me

Not sure, I haven't reflected on it