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Am I Being Gaslighted? Gaslight Quiz

1. When you express your feelings or concerns to your partner, how do they typically respond?

They listen and validate my feelings.

They dismiss my feelings as irrational or overreacting.

They blame you for the problems and make me doubt my perspective.

2. When you bring up past incidents or disagreements, how does your partner respond?

They recall the details accurately and have a constructive discussion.

They deny or distort what happened to make me doubt my memory.

They blame me for remembering things incorrectly or being overly sensitive.

3. How do you feel about expressing your opinions or making decisions in your relationship?

I feel comfortable expressing myself and being heard.

I sometimes hesitate or doubt myself due to my partner's reactions.

I often avoid expressing my thoughts to prevent conflict or invalidation.

4. Are you able to freely pursue your own interests, hobbies, and friendships without interference or criticism from your partner?

Yes, my partner supports and encourages my individuality.

Occasionally, there may be some subtle attempts to control or isolate me.

No, my partner consistently discourages or undermines my independence.

5. How does your partner react when you confront them about their hurtful behavior?

They apologize and take steps to change their behavior.

They deny any wrongdoing and make excuses for their actions.

They make me feel guilty for bringing up the issue and turn it around on me.

6. How often do you find yourself apologizing for things that are not your fault?

Rarely or never. You take responsibility for my own actions.

Occasionally, but I know it's not my fault and I just don't want conflict.

Frequently, and I often feel guilty for things that are beyond my control.

7. How do you feel about expressing your emotions in your relationship?

I feel safe and supported in sharing my emotions.

I sometimes hesitate or feel invalidated when expressing my feelings.

I often avoid expressing my emotions due to fear of negative consequences.

8. How does your partner make you feel about your appearance or body?

They appreciate and accept my appearance, encouraging self-love.

They make subtle comments that erode my confidence and self-esteem.

They consistently criticize your appearance, making you feel inadequate.

9. How does your partner handle conflicts or disagreements in your relationship?

They engage in open and respectful communication to find solutions.

They try to manipulate or twist the situation to make you doubt your perspective.

They escalate the conflict and make you feel at fault for any issues.

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