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Emo quiz: Am I Emo?

1. What's your go-to fashion accessory?

Black eyeliner and studded belts

A quirky hat or scarf

Anything that expresses my mood

I don't really accessorize

2. How would you describe your music taste?

Emo, all the way!

A mix of different genres

I'm open to exploring emo music

Anything but emo, please!

3. What's your ideal Friday night?

Writing poetry in my dark room

Hanging out with friends at a local gig

Exploring new music and subcultures online

Netflix and chill

4. How often do you wear black clothing?

Every day, head to toe

Occasionally, when I'm feeling moody

I haven't really tried it yet

Rarely, if ever

5. What's your favorite way to express your emotions?

Writing heartfelt journal entries

Creating art or music

Talking to friends about my feelings

I prefer to keep my emotions to myself

6. What's your preferred hairstyle?

Long and tousled, covering my eyes

Something unique and eye-catching

I'm open to experimenting with different styles

Neat and low-maintenance

7. How do you handle heartbreak?

Write sad poetry and listen to emotional songs

Surround myself with friends and distractions

Seek advice from others who've been through it

Move on quickly and focus on the future

8. How do you feel about rainy days?

They perfectly match my melancholic mood

I enjoy the cozy atmosphere they create

Rain or shine, I'm up for anything

I'd rather stay indoors on rainy days

9. How do you feel about staying up late at night?

I enjoy staying up late and sometimes use the time to work on creative projects.

I don't mind staying up late as long as I can sleep in the next day.

I am interested in staying up late to explore emo or goth culture more.

I prefer to go to bed early and wake up early.

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