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Quiz for gay: Are You Gay?

1. Are most of your friends the same gender or opposite gender as you?


opposite sex

Half and half

2. Will you immediately take a shower after the exercise?

Yes, I will. I'm a clean freak.

Yes, I will. Feeling sweaty make me uncomfortable.

No, maybe later.

No, why should I immediately take a shower.

3. Do other people say that you are very talkative?

Yes, I also think I am very talkative.

Yes, but sometime I will be very quite.

No, no one said that before.

No, they think I am very quite.

4. Which of the following people will you appreciate more?

Who is gentle and smart

Who has a strong body and body curves

Who is creative and funny

Who has a very good look

5. What kind of partner will you prefer?

Someone who is older than you and very mature

Someone who is younger than you and adorable.

Someone who has a very good look

Someone who has a very nice body

6. Have you ever dated the same or the opposite gender?

Yes, I've dated the opposite gender before

Yes, I've dated the same gender before


No, I haven't dated anyone yet

7. How do you feel when you see gay couples kissing?

Have no feeling.

So sweet are they.

Annoyed at that behavior.

Feel Disgusted

8. Did you ever have feelings about a same-gender close friend?

Yes, I have. I have feelings about my friend now. That's why I'm taking this quiz.

Yes, I used to have feelings about my friend, but now the feeling was gone.

Nope. Just friendship.

Totally impossible for now and the future.

9. Did anyone try to test and want to find out if you are straight or not?

People always think I am not straight. Very obvious.

Yes, I've been asked by others once or twice.

Yes, but I wouldn't be surprised about their assumption.

Never, they think that I'm straight.

10. Do you like fancy clothes and have taste in fashion?

Yes, do love it. I am a fashion expert.

Just the average level of fashion. Do not have preferences about clothes.

No, I do not take care of my look too much.

11. Have you ever kissed or wanted to kiss someone of the same gender?

Yes, it is a wonderful feeling.

Yes, but it doesn't feel good.

No, I haven't, but who knows what will be happened in the future.

No, I don't have feelings about people who have the same gender as me.

12. Have you ever had a crush on someone in the past?

Yes, someone just inside my head and has the same gender as me.

Yes, someone just inside my head and has the opposite gender to me.

Yes, I had a crush on different genders before.

No, I never had a crush on someone before.

Discover the rainbow within you with our gay test "Am I Gay?", designed to help individuals explore and understand their sexual orientation in a lighthearted and interactive manner.