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personality test:Are You A Good Boyfriend?

1. Your partner is having a bad day. What do you do?

Give them some space and let them sort it out on their own

Listen attentively and offer a comforting shoulder to lean on

Plan a fun activity to cheer them up

Consider the situation and respond according to my partner's needs.

2. How do you handle disagreements or arguments with your partner?

Raise your voice and insist on your own point of view

Take a step back, calm down, and discuss the issue respectfully

Ignore the problem and hope it resolves itself

3. Your partner shares their concerns or fears with you. How do you respond?

Minimize their feelings and tell them not to worry

Offer a listening ear and provide reassurance and support

Brush off their concerns and change the topic

I don't know. I'm not good at dealing with these.

4. How do you usually handle surprises or special occasions for your partner?

Forget important dates or ignore them altogether

Rely on last-minute gestures or generic gifts

Plan thoughtful surprises and celebrate their milestones

5. How do you handle your partner's mistakes?

Criticize and belittle them for their imperfections.

Point out their faults and compare them to others.

Accept them and work together to deal with it.

6. How do you handle conflicts between your partner and your friends or family?

Side with your friends or family without considering your partner's perspective.

Avoid getting involved and hope the issue resolves itself.

Act as a mediator and seek a resolution that respects both parties' feelings.

7. How often do you make time for quality moments together?

Rarely, as you both have busy schedules.

Occasionally, when it's convenient for me.

Regularly, prioritizing my relationship's needs.

8. How often do you express your love and appreciation for your partner?

Rarely or never.

Occasionally, when a special occasion arises.

Regularly, through both words and actions.

9. How well do you listen and remember details about your partner's life?

I often forget important details or don't pay much attention.

I remember some things but not everything.

I actively listen and remember significant details to show I care.

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