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Are You a Trick or a Treat?Halloween quiz

1. When it comes to Halloween costumes, do you prefer to dress up as:

A cute and cuddly animal

A spooky ghost or monster

2. When it comes to Halloween decorations, do you prefer:

Cute and festive pumpkins and black cats

Creepy skeletons and eerie tombstones

3. What kind of treats will you prepare for others during Halloween?

Classic candy like chocolate bars and lollipops

Unique and quirky treats like gummy eyeballs or monster-themed cookies

4. How do you feel about horror movies?

They give me nightmares, so I prefer not to watch them

I love the adrenaline rush and enjoy being scared

5. What do you enjoy most about Halloween?

The sense of community and bonding with friends and family

The thrill of surprises and the element of mystery

6. If you could become a Halloween creature for a day, would you choose to be:

A friendly and cheerful pumpkin

A mischievous and cunning black cat

7. What would you do if you found an abandoned house rumored to be haunted?

Stay away from it and avoid any potential scares

Would you explore it and try to uncover its secrets

8. On Halloween night, you would choose:

Find out if you're a spooky trick or a sweet treat with our Halloween personality quiz! No candy required, just a sense of humor and a love for all things spooky.