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Christmas Personality Test

1. When decorating a Christmas tree, would you prefer to try new and innovative tree decorations, or do you prefer traditional bows and stars?

I prefer traditional bows and stars.

I want to try new and innovative Christmas tree decorations.

2. During Christmas events, do you tend to proactively greet others or wait for close friends to approach you?

I enjoy every party, so I will definitely proactively greet others.

I will wait for friends to approach me.

It depends on the specific situation.

3. If you were to host a Christmas party, do you think it is important to check details of the party?

Every detail is important, even if it's just a ribbon decoration, I will check it myself.

The atmosphere is more important for the party, so there's no need to worry too much about the details.

4. If someone accidentally stains your clothes during a Christmas event and they cannot be cleaned, how would you respond?

I will definitely tell that person without hesitation that his/her action was wrong, and he/she needs to apologize and compensate for my loss.

It was an unintentional mistake. I will accept his/her apology, and I won't let this mistake become an issue between us.

It's just a small matter, so I will act normally like it didn't happen.

5. During the Christmas holiday, do you prefer to spend some quality and cozy time with your family at home, or do you prefer to attend various activities and meet new people?

I prefer to stay at home.

I can't miss out on parties during the holiday.

6. At Christmas parties, there are always some unexpected situations. Do you usually notice them at first, or only notice when the crowd gets noisy?

It's common for unexpected situations to occur at parties, which won’t affect the party, so there is no need to pay too much attention to.

I always pay attention to others' conditions, and I hope that everyone can leave the Christmas party with satisfaction and happiness.

Perhaps I'm not always the first to notice situations, but I am always the first in solving unexpected incidents and offering help.

7. During Christmas holiday, have you considered setting aside some time for study or work?

Holidays are meant for relaxation, so why would I use them for work or study?

The Christmas holiday is a considerable amount of time, and studying or working is also a part of my life. While enjoying the holiday, there's nothing wrong with paying attention to work and study.

8. Are you often told by others that you are someone to respect and learn from?

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