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Survivor or Victim: Test Your Horror Movie Skills! survival test

1. If you will time-travel to a horror movie, which character you are more willing to be?(You need to play them and try to survive in the movie)

One of a loved young couple

An autocratic leader in a survival team

A smart kid

A stupid policeman

2. Before the zombie apocalypse, you will set up a base at which place?

Shopping mall




3. You save someone from the zombie, and he wants to pay back one of the following thing to you. You will choose:


First aid kit

A bag of food

Leather body suit

4. When your friends and you are searching for food and bump into two zombies, what will you do?

Stay where you are and hold your breath

Immediately run and try to hide in a safe place

Push over zombies first and run

Ask my friends to kill the zombies together

5. When you are swimming in the sea and meet a shark, what will you do?

Immediately get back to your boat

Playing dead and hoping it can leave

Fight back by attacking its eyes and nose if the shark attack you first

6. When you get a call at home alone and the man on the phone are laughing and asking you to be careful. What will you do?

Hang up the phone immediately.

Ask him some questions and try to find some clues from his words.

Call my friends/parents and ask for accompanying cuz you are afraid.

Observe and check my house first. And then take steps to avoid something happens.

7. If a killer is hunting you in your house, what will you do?

Hiding in my room and lock the door.

Get some weapons and try to fight back

Find a chance to get out of my house and run

8. When you noticed something weird happening around you, what will you do?

Freak out and ask friends/parents for help.

Feels weried but does nothing

Try to figure out the reason and truth alone

Call the police

9. You figured out the house you just bought is a haunted house, what will you do?(You are out of money to pay for the house.)

Move out to my friends‘ or parents' house first and then see how to deal with it.

Call someone to help me expel the ghost.

Immediately sell the house at a lower price.

10. The ghost in your house did not hurt you and asked you for help. He was killed by someone and he wants you to find out the truth for him. What will you do?

Turning down his request and feeling sorry for him

You will help him.

You don't trust what he said and will find someone to expel him from your house.

11. 11.During a high school reunion organized by an anonymous person, your classmates start dying, leading people to suspect it's revenge because all of you bullied a classmate. How can you stay alive?

Cry and say sorry. Hope the killer can let go of you.

Think of all the details from the past and try to figure out who might be the killer.

Call the police. Staying in your room alone and waiting for the police to come.

Stay together with all the people and avoid being alone. They will figure out who is the killer.

12. After you and your friends are killed by a psycho killer during a trip, you find yourself transported back to the beginning of the trip. To save your friends and stay alive this time, what actions will you take? (The trip cannot be prevented.)

Find out if you have what it takes to survive a horror movie by answering a series of survival quiz questions that test your instincts, decision-making skills, and ability to stay calm under pressure. Choose wisely, as your fate could rest on your choices!