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Are you prepared to face the undead hordes and navigate the post-apocalyptic world?


What preparations will you choose to do first before the zombie apocalypse

Stockpiling non-perishable food and water

Building a secure shelter or safe room

Learning self-defense and weapon skills

I don't have any ideas.


What do you think is the key to surviving a zombie apocalypse?

Physical strength and agility

Practical survival skills such as hunting and foraging

Dependable Partner

Good Luck


What is the most important item to have during a zombie apocalypse?

A first aid kit

A firearm or other weapon

A map and compass

A radio or other communication device


What is the best source of food during a zombie apocalypse?

Non-perishable canned goods

Fresh fruits and vegetables

Pre-packaged meals and snacks

Hunting wild animals for meat


What kind of weapon is best for fighting off zombies?

A sharp, bladed instrument such as a machete or sword

A heavy, blunt weapon such as a sledgehammer or baseball bat

A firearm with a high rate of fire and large ammunition capacity

A ranged weapon such as a bow and arrow or crossbow


What actions would you take in the event of a zombie attack?

Running away and hiding

Fighting back aggressively with a weapon

Tricking the zombies with decoys or distractions

Using your environment to your advantage, such as using narrow hallways or high places to funnel or avoid the zombies.


What is the best way to avoid a large group of zombies?

Running away as fast as possible

Being as quiet and stealthy as possible

Using loud noises or distractions to draw them away

Fighting them head-on to clear a path


What is the best location to set up a long-term survival camp during a zombie apocalypse?

A remote, isolated area with few other survivors nearby

A major city with plentiful resources and infrastructure

A well-defended military base or government facility

A large, open plain or desert with good visibility in all directions


Would you help others during a zombie apocalypse?

Yes, I will share resources and supplies.

Yes, I will teach them some practical survival skills

No, people have unpredictable minds, especially in this world.

Depends on the situation