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Personality Quiz: Could I Win a Ballon d'Or?

1. How much do you love football?

I like having a kick about in the park – but only if it's sunny

I play every week

I practice quite a lot

In between waking up and going to sleep, I think about football

2. What position do you like to play?

I don't know actually



I can play in any position – watch me!

3. Which player influences you the most?

My friend is quite good – I follow what he does

My local team's centre forward is great but I can't remember their name... Keith?

Any player in the Premier League

There are so many legends to think about and learn from

4. If there was a penalty, would you step up to take it?

Oh, definitely not

If no-one else wanted to, I probably would

I'll give it my best shot but can't promise anything

I already know where I'm going to place the ball

5. What is your greatest skill?

Keeping my boots really shiny



Scoring decisive goals!

6. How do you celebrate a goal?

Look shocked and then cheer

Slide on my knees

Jump in the air

Point at the crowd and grin

7. Would you consider yourself to be a free-kick expert?


I'm more of a not-taking-free-kicks kind of player

I'll have a go

I'm like a professor of free kicks

8. What is your biggest football ambition?

To not slip in a muddy puddle

To play for my local side

Win the FA Cup

To win the Ballon D'or five times in a row

9. Do you have a superstition before playing a game?

Put my boots on before my socks

Put my shin pads on last

High five my team mates

Touch the edge of the pitch before the game

10. What would you wear to a football awards ceremony?

Take our Ballon d'Or test and see if you have the potential to be the next soccer superstar or if you should stick to watching from the sidelines.