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Discover Your Inner Disney Princess with this Disney test

1. If you need to do something that you don't like, what would you do?

If it is necessary, I will try my best.

I will finish my part and that is all.

I will refuse to do that.

I don't know depends on the situation.

2. Do you enjoy your family time?

Yes, I love my family so much.

Yes, but I also need some of my personal space.

No, I really want to be alone and stay away from my family for a while.

No, I want to escape from my family intensively.

3. Do you afraid to get out of your comfort zone?

Yes, I prefer to stay in my comfort zone more.

Yes, but I am willing to try to get out of it.

No, I am not afraid to step out of my comfort zone.

No, I love adventure and the new environment.

4. If you are in trouble that is hard to get rid of, who do you prefer to get help from?

My parents

My friends

My boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife

I will not get help from anyone, because I can handle anything.

5. When you meet someone in a party and he wants to make friends, will you be friendly to him?

Yes, I will be nice and polite to anyone. I believe that everyone is good.

Yes, but I will keep my distance from him because I can not trust people in a short time.

No, I will be very defensive and ask him to go away. I don't trust anyone. I just want to be alone.

I don't know depends on the situation.

6. Which of the following sports you are more good at?

Indoor or outdoor rock climating




7. Which of the following thing do you prefer to do at home?





8. Sometimes your feeling will get out of your control, when the situation is really bad.



10. When you go on a trip, I really need a detailed plan.



11. You prefer to stay at home more than go outside.



12. You are always interested in anything new,such as new sport, foods,or new friends.



13. You are willing to listen to other people's advice.



15. You care about your look.



16. You don't judge other people if you do not know them well.

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