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Discover Your Probability of Being Gay with This Gay Quiz

1. How long does your daily skincare routine take?

One hour

More than one hour

5 minutes

I don't currently possess any skincare products or routines.

2. Which color is your preference?





3. What is your preferred type of fragrance?




I don't enjoy wearing or using any type of perfume.

5. What kind of accessories do you like?





6. How would you respond if a male friend confessed his feelings for you?

I would be surprised and think they were kidding around and not take it seriously.

I would be surprised and would need to take some time to carefully consider if it's true.

I'd be surprised and then start wondering about the direction of our relationship.

I would treat it as a joke, but prefer to distance myself from him discreetly.

7. How would you do if a man flirted with you?

Be strightforward about I don't have interested in men

Flirt back

Be friendly but not flirty

Set boundaries to him

8. How does it make you feel to hear a man's voice that is sweet?

It is unacceptable for me.

That's not bad and who doesn't like a sweet voice.

It is none of my business.

Up to who he is.

9. How would you feel when your male friends hold your hand while walking side by side?

It is unacceptable for me.

It is kind of weird anyway.

It might make me have some kind of feeling.

Whatever I am fine with it.

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