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Do I Have Persecutory Delusions?Quiz


Even though turning on the air conditioning can bring relief on a hot day, it might also cause 'air conditioning sickness.' If someone turns on the AC in your room when you're feeling the hottest, who do you think it would be?

A family member.

Someone I have a conflict with.


My partner.


The smell of printer's ink can affect your sense of smell. After smelling the ink on a newspaper and then the back of your hand, you might detect a faint scent of flowers.

I'm not sure if it's true, but I can't smell it.

It's true, I never noticed that before.

It's impossible.

There might be a slight scent, but it's not clear.


During the SARS period, if you suddenly have a high fever, what would you do?

Wait and see, go to the hospital if it doesn't subside in a few days.

Rush to the hospital for isolation and treatment.

I'm sure it's not SARS, I just know it.

Wait and see, check for other symptoms.


At a party, you notice everyone is wearing slippers. What would you do?

Keep my shoes on and don't care about it.

Slip out quietly, put on slippers, and then come back in.

Think everyone else is crazy and deliberately walk to a prominent spot.

Keep my shoes on but try to stay in an inconspicuous place.


30% of people have a small protrusion at the knuckle of their right index finger. Press hard on the knuckle with your left hand, do you feel a bone protruding?

It doesn't matter to me, I don't care if there is one.

I think I felt a bump, is it not going to cause any disease?

I don't need to try, I'm sure I don't have it.

I didn't feel a bump, I probably don't have that part.


When buying vegetables, one bag is labeled 'green and pollution-free,' and the other is not. Which would you choose?

Just grab a bag that looks fresh.

The pollution-free one.

Pollution-free' is a scam, I'll take the regular one, it's cheaper!

It doesn't matter, I don't really trust that there's anything pollution-free nowadays.


What's your opinion on street food stalls?

I think they're unsanitary, but since I can't see bacteria, using disposable utensils is good enough.

Oh my, they're basically petri dishes for bacteria, it's not edible at all.

It's not clean, but eating it won't hurt, nowadays people are more resistant to germs than flies.

I'd feel more at ease eating it at home using my own utensils.


After a big meal, including a dish you've never had before, then using air conditioning, and eating watermelon, you suddenly have a stomachache. What do you think is the cause?

I just ate too much watermelon.

The restaurant's food wasn't clean, I won't eat that dish again.

The stomachache is just a coincidence.

It's all the air conditioning's fault.


You hear someone say wearing an old pendant might bring bad luck. How would it affect you if you heard this from others?

I wouldn't worry about what others say; it doesn't faze me.

I'd take it off right away if I hear it from just one person.

The more I hear it, the more it piques my interest.

If I hear it a lot, it might start to get to me and I'd feel a bit uneasy wearing it.


If you witness a burly man knock someone down, and then he heads towards you, what's your instinctive thought?

He probably just wants something from me.

He's definitely here to attack me; I should run away.

Who knows, maybe he'll pull a movie-style move and bow deeply to me.

I'm not sure, but his vibe doesn't seem friendly; it's like he's trying to scare me.


While taking a walk in the park, there's a loud noise, and suddenly everyone jumps into the lake. What would you do?