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Do you have social anxiety disorder?social anxiety disorder test

1. What do you do when you are walking and meeting someone you know but are unfamiliar with? Seem like they did not see you.

Take a detour to avoid talking.

Keep walking and avoid eye contact.

Keep walking. If they notice you, say hello.

Say hello to them actively.

2. When you want to make a comment or reply on social media, do you take a long time to think?



Very few

No, I will just do that without thinking.

3. How long do you take to forget something you did in front of people which is stupid and embarrassing?

Forget it right away

Forget it the next day

For nearly a week

Maybe ten years later,I will still remember it.

4. How would you feel if you were asked to "introduce yourself" in the public?

Very nervous

I'm a little nervous.

Very easy

Feel excited to have a chance to present yourself.

5. How do you feel when people are watching you do something?

Easy to get nervous and screw up.

That's fine, a little distracted.

Can't concentrate on my work.


6. When someone around you is whispering, do you take care about what they're talking about?

Yes, I will be wondering if they say something about me.

Yes, a little bit, and also uncomfortable without any reason.

Yes, but not necessarily.

No, I don't care about others.

7. Do you prefer to text than have a phone call? even a phone call is more efficient to communicate.

Yes. If can communicate by texting, I will never talk on the phone.

I prefer texting, but due to the situation, I will have a phone call.

No. I prefer to phone calls when I am busy because it is more efficient.

No, I prefer to phone calls or communication face to face.

8. What do you do during parties?

Be quiet and have some food.

Only communicate with people you know.

Trying to make some friends actively.

I am a social butterfly, so I am popular and surrounded by people.

9. Who will make you feel uncomfortable talking with?

Complete strangers

Coworkers or classmates but unfamiliar with

Someone you just meet


10. You plan to stay at home for the weekend, but your friend asks you to go out, What will you choose to do?

Accept the invitation.

Probably go out.

Inviting my friends to come to my place.

Reject the invitation.

11. Do you think you are expressive?

No, I am a poker-face.

Less expressive.

Yes, very expressive.

I don't know.

12. If your friend or colleague misunderstands you, would you immediately justify yourself?

No, I won't explain.

No, will try to explain in words later.

No, just talk about it with your friends.

Yes, I will.

13. Do you prefer to spend time with animals or humans?





14. If you are in a group chat for project and you are unfamiliar with these people, Will you be like?

Like never talk about anything

If we need to discuss something about the project, I will join the conversation..

Occasionally I will talk in the group chat when I am free.

Speak a lot and is very active in the group chat all the time.

15. Which of the following four places do you prefer to go on the weekend?

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