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Does My Dog Love Me? Test for Dog Owners


How does your dog greet you when you come home?

They jump and bounce around with excitement.

They wag their tail vigorously and give me kisses.

They bring me their favorite toy as a welcome gift.

They follow me closely and lean against me for a hug.

They give me a happy, contented look and wag their tail gently.


How does your dog react when you're feeling sad or upset?

They nuzzle and cuddle up to me to provide comfort.

They bring me a toy or try to playfully cheer me up.

They sit calmly by my side, offering a supportive presence.

They try to make me laugh with their silly antics.

They gaze at me with empathy and offer gentle licks or nudges.


Where does your dog prefer to sleep?

On my bed, snuggled up right next to me.

In their own cozy dog bed, but close to my sleeping area.

In a designated spot in the house, like a crate or a specific room.

Anywhere they can find a comfortable spot, even if it's unconventional.

It varies, as they enjoy exploring different sleeping spots around the house.


How does your dog react when you give them a treat or their favorite food?

They get super excited, jumping and spinning in anticipation.

They wag their tail enthusiastically and devour the treat with delight.

They take the treat gently from my hand and savor it.

They may playfully snatch the treat and run off to enjoy it.

They give me a grateful look and enjoy the treat calmly.


How does your dog behave when you're spending quality time together?

They are fully engaged, seeking constant interaction and play.

They show their happiness with a constant tail wag and joyful expressions.

They are attentive and responsive, following your cues and commands.

They bring their toys or playfully initiate games with me.

They are calm and content, enjoying my company in a relaxed manner.


How does your dog react when you take them for a walk?

They excitedly jump and spin around, ready for an adventure.

They wag their tail and eagerly lead the way, sniffing everything in their path.

They walk calmly beside me, matching my pace.

They may pull on the leash or zigzag in excitement.

They walk close to me, occasionally glancing up for reassurance.


How does your dog react when you pet them?

They roll over for getting a belly rub from me

They lean into my hand and close their eyes, enjoying the affection.

They sit or lie down calmly, accepting the gentle strokes.

They may playfully nudge my hand or paw at me for more attention.

They show contentment with a relaxed posture and soft eye contact.


How does your dog react when they see you after being away for a while?

They go wild with excitement, jumping and twirling around me.

They greet me with a wagging tail and eagerly approach for cuddles.

They show recognition and greet me calmly, tail wagging gently.

They bring me their favorite toy as a welcome gesture.

They show a relaxed but happy response, acknowledging my return.


How does your dog react when you give them a command or ask them to do something?

They respond immediately and enthusiastically, eager to please.

They show enthusiasm and may perform the requested action with a playful twist.

They obey the command calmly and promptly.

They may test boundaries or try to engage you in play instead.

They listen attentively and respond accordingly, showing cooperation.