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Are they into you? Find out with this quiz!

1. How long did you know each other?

For several days

For a couple of weeks

For a couple of months

For a very long time.

2. How many times do you date?

One time

2-4 times

More than 4 times

More than 6 times

3. Did your date ask you out for a date after the first date?

Not yet

No, but I asked them out.

Yes, 1-3 times.

Yes, more than 3 times.

4. Did your date be very gentle to you?

Yes, very gentle and nice.

No, just normal.

No, they are not the type of gentle person.

5. During the talk, did your date laugh very often?

Yes, very often


No, they didn't.

6. Did you two have a lot of eye contact during the date?

Yes, very often.


I don't think so.

7. Did your date share their daily life with you?

Yes, very often



8. Did your date ask you about what kind of date you prefer?



Not yet

9. Did you two talk about your ex before?

Yes, they mentioned it first.

Yes, I mentioned it first.


10. Did your date always give you compliments?

Yes, they think I am cute.

Yes, they compliment my look.


11. What does your date typically do when alone in a space with you?

close to me

keep a distance from me

actually I don't remember.

Put your detective skills to the test and discover if your date is love-struck or love-ducking with our amusing quiz - because nothing says 'fun date' like uncovering the truth!