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Discovering your gender identity in an exciting and insightful nonbinary test.

1. What is the motive behind you taking this quiz?

I am curious about the content of this quiz.

I am interested in LGBTQ topics and support the LGBTQ community.

Recently, I've been struggling with understanding my gender identity and sexual orientation.

2. What is your stance or perspective on your sex from birth?

I don't have any ideas about it.

My identity cannot be defined solely by my sex at birth, so it doesn't matter.

Occasionally, I feel a strong disgust toward my biological gender.

3. Do you feel at ease with your body, particularly your sexual organs?


I don't think so.

At times, I experience a sense of revulsion towards my body.

4. Have you ever been attracted to someone, and what is their gender?

yes, their gender aligns with mine.

Yes, they are of a different gender than me.

Yes, they have different genders. Love is love, isn't it?


5. Do you identify yourself as LGBTQ?



I am unsure about it yet

6. Would you prefer to be addressed using a pronoun that does not correspond to your sex from birth?



I am unsure about it yet

7. If you are required to provide your gender, you will:

Just tell them my gender

Trying to answer, but I am not sure.

Refuse to do that.

8. Is it possible for you to select your gender identity? This would aid in your self-understanding and be beneficial for our quiz analysis.



Both Male and Female

Neither Male nor Female

At times, I recognize myself as male, and at other times, as female.

I'm not entirely certain, so I take this quiz.

9. Are you familiar with a clear definition of Nonbinary?

Yes, I know it since a long time ago

Yes, but I know it recently.

If the answer is no, perhaps you could revisit our introduction.

10. After all these answers, do you think you are a nonbinary person?

Take our fun nonbinary quiz to explore your own identity and potentially uncover if you identify as nonbinary!