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Personality Quiz: How Fashionable Am I?

1. How many different styles of makeup do you wear?

A lot

I only wear the one that suits me best

I don't wear much makeup

2. Do you often get asked for advice on what to wear or makeup?



Almost never

3. Do you often try out the latest fashion trends? For example, clothes, make-up, perfume, etc.



Almost never

4. Which category makes up the largest portion of your social media followers list?



Current Affairs

5. How often do you experiment with your hairstyle?

Frequently, I love trying new looks

Occasionally, I like to switch it up

Rarely, I prefer sticking to my signature style

6. What is the most appealing promotion to you when shopping?

The latest models


Good value for money

7. Do you often receive comments that your clothes are ill-fitting or outdated?

That's pretty often


Hardly ever

Do you dress to impress or just to distress? Take our fashionable quiz and discover your style status!