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Find out who is your personality in the Demon Slayer?Demon Slayer test

1. A circular symbol will let you think of which of the following thing?

The Sun which brings us the warmth and lightness

A mysterious and beautiful planet

A delicious doughnut

A lifebuoy

2. After your boss assigns a new project to you, what kind of way do you prefer to finish this project?

Finish it independently

Work with a team

Finish it with the instruction of the leadership

I don't care about the way, if I can finish the project.

3. You can only choose one person to save, and all of them were trapped on an isolated island. What is your choice?

A young pregnant woman who is about to give birth

A scientist who has outstanding contributions to the field of biology

A homeless

An astronaut who has a recent plan to go into space

4. You decide to take a summer class for two months, so how many courses will you take?

I will take three courses at the same time.

I will take these two courses in the different months. One course for one month.

I will only take one class which is the most popular class.

According to the situation

5. When you meet someone you love but the reality does not allow you to be together, what will you do?

Break up with the person

I won't give up the person I love.

I love the person so much so nothing gonna stop me keep loving the person.

I will make the decision depending on other people's opinions

6. If you need to choose to get into a world, which one will you choose?

In a world, you are a gladiator and need to fight.

In a world, you need to escape from one room to another room over and over.

In a magic world, there has a lot of dangerous magical creatures.

In a game world, you need to earn money to survive.

7. Which of the following two words best describes you?

Simple and spontaneous

Hard-working and remorseless

Sensitive and fragile

Introverted and wordless

8. Which of the following thing will let you feel guilty?

Unable to give your family a better material life

Need to tell a lie to your family for some reasons

You didn't get to see your family member one last time for some reasons

Leaving home for some reasons

9. If you need to choose one of the following kinds of animals to describe yourself, which one will you choose?

The independent tiger

The gentle deer

The united wolf

The cunning fox

10. During the weekend, which of the following activities will you be more willing to have?

A public service activitity

An electronic product launch conference

A concert

A BBQ party

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