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Fursona Quiz: What Fursona Are You?

Fursona Quiz: What Fursona Are You?

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Curious about your furry alter ego? Take our Fursona Quiz and find out if you're a mischievous raccoon or a majestic eagle.

For Newbies, What Is a Fursona?

Fursona Quiz: What Fursona Are You?

Fursona differs from your spirit animal. A fursona is the textualized or visualized form of your anthropomorphic or feral animal alter-ego or OC. The term is a combination of two words, Furry and Persona. The former describes human-like animals, while the latter stands for personality.

And What Exactly Is a Fursona or Furry Test?

A fursona quiz (also known as a furry test) is a personality questionary to reveal your feral or anthro animal species. It is not the same thing as the Spirit Animal Quiz. A fursona is a fictional form of one or several animals, whereas a spirit animal is always a regular creature.

Below, you see a table that demonstrates some of the personae each animal signifies.

Fursona Quiz: What Fursona Are You?

Brief History of Furrydom

Contrary to what most non-furries believe, fursona fandom dates back to the 1980s. Anthropomorphic creatures have always been an undeniable part of sci-fi and fiction. However, people started to relate to such characters when the internet became more accessible. That is because, before the internet, it was relatively hard for furdom fans to come out—as it sounds like a taboo or strange idea. However, people have created fursona communities since the 80s. And now, you can find large groups of fursuiters all around the world.

1. Furry Vs. Fursona

2.Furry is a broad term that describes both fictional anthropomorphic/feral creatures and their fans. However, a fursona is the textualized or visualized form of furries.

3.Fursuiter Vs. Non-Fursuiter

Fursona Quiz: What Fursona Are You?

Fursuiters are fans who wear a full custom to represent their persona(s). Non-fursuiters are members of the community who do not own any custom/suit or own paraphernalia instead.

3. Furry Fans Vs. Others

“Otherkins believe to be spiritually connected to a non-human creature.” Some also think they have been an animal or mythical creature in their previous life. However, furry fans are just enthusiasts about fictional hybrid or made-up animal-like creatures. Being a member of furdom does not make you an otherkin. That is while an otherkin might decide to become a fursuiter for whatsoever reason.

4. Feral Vs. Anthro

Feral in furridom is a term that describes animals or creatures that do not resemble humans. But Anthro is a short form of anthropomorphic creatures which share similar features with human beings. For instance, Robin Hood (1973) is an anthro fox. But Pikachu is a feral.

5. Fursona Vs. Original Character

One way to distinguish a fursona from an OC is by asking the following questions:

Do you relate to that character?

Do you like to have the body of that OC for the rest of your life?

Do you identify yourself as what the OC represents?

Does the OC demonstrate who you are?

If you answered “no” to most of the above questions, you just created an OC. However, if the opposite is true, you are talking about your furry persona.

What Are the Most Popular Furry Species?

By taking the fursona quiz, you have the chance to discover your creature’s species. QuizExpo created the list regarding the latest research by FurScience researchers. According to their new findings, the most popular animals among the fans are as follows.

Hybrid: Around 15% of the community prefers a crossbreed creature.

Wolf: 13% of the fans have a wolf alter-ego.

Fox: 11% of the furdom lovers prefer to have a fox persona.

Dog: about 9% choose dogs are their primary fursona.

Big Cats: 8.5% prefer animals like lions, tigers, panthers, etc.

Dragon: 7% relate to dragon-like creatures.

Mythical: 4% prefer magical creatures.

Take our Fursona test and find out if you're a fierce tiger or a cuddly bunny. It's like a personality test, but with more fur!Fursona Quiz: What Fursona Are You?

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