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Gender Identity Quiz - Identify your Real Gender

1. When you buy a computer of your own, what do you choose carefully?




2. When do you usually start changing into summer clothes?

According to the solar terms of the lunar calendar

When the weather report says summer is coming

Change clothes if I'm feeling hot

3. When you are alone, how do you usually sit?

Feet together

Spread your legs

Cross your legs

4. What do you do when you have a feeling for someone?

Take actions, but won't take the initiative to confess your feelings

Doing nothing

Seize the opportunity to confess

5. What is your favorite material for clothes?




6. What does your kitchen look like now that you cook for yourself?

It's so messy that we can't even look at it

Neat and tidy

A little messy

7. What do you think of historical war dramas?

Handsome and powerful

No feelings

The plot is very attractive

8. What do you pay attention to most when you go out?

Take everything you need

Body smell

Hairstyle and clothing

9. How do you think a work suit or dress suit makes you feel?

Solemn and formal

Too formal

Handsome and beautiful clothes