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Graysexual Test: Am I Graysexual? Quiz

Graysexual Test: Am I Graysexual? Quiz

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Do you often find it challenging to connect with others' discussions about sexual attraction? There might be a reason why you find it hard to relate to their stories. Take our graysexual test and see if that theory has any merit in it.Graysexual Test: Am I Graysexual?

What Is Graysexual?

Greysexual is a type of sexual identity. It is used to describe people who rarely experience sexual attraction. The times that sexual attraction occurs for you, it's not strong enough to act on. As such, graysexuals don't engage in sexual activities often. Instead, they are more interested in a person's personality than their physical attraction.

To stay intimate with their partners, graysexuals prefer cuddling and hugging. Some graysexuals schedule sexual activities with their allosexual partners to fulfill their needs. If you are having a hard time communicating your needs to your partner, reaching out to a couples therapist is never wrong.

The majority of graysexuals also identify as grayromantics. However, that doesn't mean all of them don't want to have a romantic relationship. Graysexuality is a type of sexuality it doesn't determine one's romantic orientation.

Graysexual Vs Asexual

Asexuality includes all of the sexual identities that experience limited sexual attraction. Graysexuallity falls under that umbrella. However, there's a distinctive difference between the two terms. Asexuals are individuals who experience little to no sexual attraction. On the other hand, graysexuals can have sexual attraction, although it is weak.

Is Graysexual Different From Demisexual?

Yes! Demisexuals experience sexual attraction exclusively after forming a close emotional bond with their partners. That close bond does nothing for graysexuals. It doesn't increase, nor decrease their sexual attraction to their partner. It's simply rare and usually weak. Graysexual Test: Am I Graysexual?

4 Signs That You Are Graysexual

Discovering your sexuality can be a hard process. Many individuals feel like they don't fit anywhere because they don't know their sexual orientation. Tests like this one are a great and fun way to find your true sexuality. If you are not ready to take the quiz yet, read on to learn more about the signs that indicate you might be graysexual.

You Don't Care About Sexual Attraction When Choosing A Partner

Physical attraction is very important to most people. But not to you. You care more about a person's personality and their fit with you. If that sounds like you, there's a high chance you are graysexual.

Sex Is Irrelevant To You

Unlike your peers who are constantly blabbing about their new dates, you don't care about sex. It doesn't excite you and you are content without it.

You Rarely Feel Sexual Attraction

While your friends are talking about cute girls or guys, you have a hard time expressing the same interest. That's because sexual attraction doesn't happen to you often. Moreover, when it does, it's not strong enough that you would want to share it with others or act on it.

You Show Love And Affection In Non-Sexual Ways

Cuddling and hugging are your go-to moves for showing love and affection to your partner. You don't feel the need to engage with them sexually.

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