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Hogwarts House Sorting Quiz: Which Hogwarts House You Truly Belong In

1. Which pet will you bring with you to Hogwarts School?







2. You will be more interested in which class?

History of Magic


Defense Against the Dark Arts


3. What's your favorite non-magical activity in Hogwarts?

Going to Quidditch games

Exploring secret passages

Studying in the library

Hanging out with friends in the common room

4. When you are walking to class and meet someone who needs help, you will:

Ignore him and leave.

Let him know you are not available to help.

Give him some advice.

Ask him what can you do for him.

5. During the class discussion, if you disagree with your classmate's opinions, you will:

Rebut his opinions directly

Try to persuade him to change his opinions.

Try to explain your opinions to him and discuss them.

I won't explain my opinions.

6. If you need a dancing partner for the prom,you will:

Invite someone who is popular

Invite someone you like

Invite my friend

I don't have any ideas.

7. Which famous wizard do you admire the most?

Harry Potter

Gellert Grindelwald

Albus Dumbledore

Newt Scamander

8. What is your biggest fear?

Failure or defeat

Being underestimated or overlooked

Losing loved ones or causing harm

Being treated unfairly or unjustly

9. Which of these flaws do you struggle with the most?

Stubbornness or recklessness

Envy or pride

Arrogance or superiority

Perfectionism or inflexibility

Welcome to the ultimate harry potter house test! Take this harry potter test to find out which Hogwarts house you really belong in and unlock the magical world within!