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Step into the wizarding world with our Harry Potter quiz!

1. Which Hogwarts house is your favorite?





2. If a non-magical person is hurt or at risk of dying, would you use your magic to help them?

Of course I need to do that.

Depends on the situation.

Maybe not.

3. What would you do if your old friend became a dark wizard?

Have a heartfelt conversation with him and wish for him to come back.

We might not be friends anymore because we become different.

Nothing gonna change.

4. If you were in serious trouble and using dark magic could make things easier, would you choose to use it?

Sure, why not?

Depends on the situation

No, I won't.

5. Do you believe using dark magic to defeat dark magic is acceptable?



I am not sure. It depends on the situation.

6. Do you believe that accomplishing great things requires sacrifice?

Yes, totally agree.

Yes, I'll make a sacrifice if I have to.

Maybe I think.

7. Do you hold a grudge against someone who hurt you unintentionally?

Yes, I feel hurt even though he didn't do it intentionally.

No, I won't blame him.

I don't know. It depends on the situation.

8. Do you want to be in the spotlight?




10. Do you really want power and money?

Embrace your inner wizard and take our Harry Potter test to reveal your true magical nature.