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Haruki Murakami personality quiz

1. Choose an animal that best represents your heart




brown bear





2. How would you describe your student days?

That was the peak of my life

Was a child prodigy

i am popular

I'm just learning

Didn't study at all

I live quietly

a little confused

wasted my time

What a fool


Anyway, I'm desperate

3. There is an animal that knows your deepest secrets. Who do you think it will be?

giant owl head

mini whole ant

4. A melody sounded at this time. Do you feel that this journey

full of surprises

full of danger

5. In which world would you like to spend a week?

Only my happy world

A world where only I am sad

6. Which of the following things is a "small blessing" for you?

The weather is sunny when you go out

Enjoy the food

being alone

What you buy is great value for money

Reunion with family

Sleep until you wake up naturally

Read good books, listen to good music, watch good movies

Eating ice watermelon in summer

unexpected small fortune

Friends brought me to care

7. Where do you think the commanding heights of your life will be?