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AI test:How Much do you know about AI?

1. Which company developed the popular virtual assistant, Siri?





2. In 1956, a group of researchers convened at Dartmouth College for a workshop that is considered the birth of AI as a field of study. This event is famously known as:

The Great AI Debate

The AI Revolution

The Dartmouth Synthesis

The Dartmouth Conference

3. What is the fundamental goal of AI?

To create self-aware machines

To mimic human intelligence and behavior

To replace human workers with robots

To achieve superhuman levels of intelligence

4. What is the process of an AI system improving its performance over time called?

Deep Learning

Reinforcement Learning

Machine Learning

Supervised Learning

5. Which AI technology involves teaching a computer program to play games by itself and improve its performance through trial and error?

Reinforcement Learning

Genetic Algorithms

Neural Networks

Expert Systems

6. What does the acronym "NLP" stand for in the context of AI?

Neural Language Processing

Natural Learning Platform

Networked Learning Process

Natural Language Processing

7. Which of the following popular media platforms use AI algorithms to customize their users’ experiences?




All of them

8. Which company's AI-powered algorithm AlphaGo program became the first to defeat human professional players in the game of Go?





10. In 2020, an AI system developed by OpenAI caused quite a buzz when it wrote a series of news articles. What was the name of this AI system?

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