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Are You a Cat Whiz? Test Your Knowledge in this Cat test!

1. Cats are not kittens anymore at which age?

3 months

6 months

more than 6 months

1 year old

2. What is the average age of household cats?


12-18 years

18-25 years

3. Which of the following is not a way of cats' scent marks?

Urine marking

Marking by rubbing

Marking by scratching

Marking by sleeping in that area

4. How high that cats can jump up to?

3 times of their height

4 times of their height

5 times of their height

6 times of their height

5. Cats typically don't like petting by humans on which part of them?


Sides of their face


Top of head

6. If your cat licks your face or hair, it doesn't mean that:

It might be sick and feels uncomfortable.

It likes you so much.

It makes some mistakes and says sorry to you in this way.

It was hungry and want to eat.


7. One year of a cat's life is equal to how many years of a human's life?

8 years

10 years

15 years

8. When a cat purrs, it always means happiness.



10. Cats can run up to 30 mph.



11. Super bright flashlights or any other kind of bright light might lead to cats' eyesight damage.



12. Bonus question: Did cats ever go to space?

Test your feline knowledge with our fun cat quiz! From their dietary preferences to their quirky behaviors, challenge yourself with questions about all things cats!