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Are You a Dog Whiz? Test Your Knowledge in this Dog test!

1. Which of the following things dogs should never eat?



Macadamia Nuts


All of them.

2. Which of the following is correct?

You should walk your dog at least 1 hours each days.

30 minutes to 2 hrs of physcial activity per day is enough for dogs.

Dogs can usually stay alone at home for more than 10 hrs.

3. Dogs do not sweat through which of the following?


Paw pads


5. How long is a dog's average life?

10-13 yrs

12-13 yrs

13-15 yrs

15-20 yrs

6. What kind of sauce dogs can eat?


Soy sauce

Garlic sauce

Unseasoned and puréed homemade dog food sauce

7. Why do dogs have wet noses and a thin layer of mucus clings to their nostrils?

It can enhance the absorption of scent chemicals

It can improve the dog's ability to smell

All the above are correct.

8. All dogs can swim and are good at swimming.



10. Dogs' sense of smell is at least 40 times better than humans.



11. Bonus question: Is Snoopy a beagle?

Bonus question: Is Snoopy a beagle?

Test your knowledge about man's best friend with our fun dog quiz. From their breeds to their behaviors, this quiz will challenge you and help you discover how much you really know about these adorable creatures.