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How Much Do You Know About Gaslighting?Gaslighting quiz


What is gaslighting?

A type of lighting used in theaters

A manipulation tactic aimed at making someone doubt their own perception and sanity

A form of renewable energy source

A psychological disorder


Which of the following is a common sign of gaslighting?

Frequent compliments and validation

Open and honest communication

Consistent denial of one's experiences or feelings

Respectful disagreement and compromise


Gaslighting is most commonly seen in which types of relationships?

Only in romantic relationships

Only in parent-child relationships

Only in friendships

In various types of relationships, including romantic, familial, and professional


What is the purpose of gaslighting?

To build trust and mutual understanding

To manipulate and gain control over someone

To promote healthy communication

To encourage personal growth and development


Gaslighting often involves the gaslighter projecting which emotion onto the victim?

Empathy and compassion

Anger and frustration

Indifference and apathy

Confidence and assertiveness


Gaslighting often involves the gaslighter doing which of the following?

Admitting their mistakes and apologizing

Ignoring the other person's emotions and concerns

Encouraging open and honest communication

Seeking professional help for themselves


How can individuals protect themselves from gaslighting?

Trust everything others say without question

Keep a journal to track experiences and emotions

Avoid confronting manipulators under any circumstances

Blame themselves for the manipulator's behavior


Gaslighting can have long-lasting effects on the victim's mental health. Which of the following is a potential consequence of gaslighting?

Improved self-esteem and self-worth

Increased trust in others' intentions

Persistent self-doubt and emotional trauma

Enhanced problem-solving skills


Gaslighting can lead to which of the following effects on the victim?

Increased self-confidence and assertiveness

Trust and healthy dependency on the gaslighter

Self-doubt, anxiety, and confusion

Improved communication and problem-solving skills