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Discover your knowledge about LGBTQ with our engaging LGBTQ quiz!

1. What is the rainbow flag commonly used to symbolize in LGBTQ culture?





2. What does the term "coming out" mean in the LGBTQ community?

Sharing personal stories

Attending LGBTQ events

Declaring political affiliations

Revealing one's sexual orientation or gender identity

3. When is National Coming Out Day which originated in the U.S.?

January 2

June 1

October 11

August 18

4. What does the "+" symbol in LGBTQ+ represent?

Acceptance and inclusion for all sexual orientations and gender identities

An additional category of non-binary individuals

People who are questioning their sexual orientation or gender identity

A shorthand for other diverse sexual orientations and gender identities

5. What does the term "ally" mean in the LGBTQ community?

A person who identifies as both gay and lesbian

Someone who supports and advocates for the rights of LGBTQ individuals

A term for non-binary individuals

A derogatory term used against heterosexual individuals

6. Which historic event is widely regarded as a turning point for the LGBTQ rights movement?

Stonewall Riots

Emancipation Proclamation

Boston Tea Party

French Revolution

7. The Stonewall Inn was in which city?

New York City, NY

San Francisco, CA

Washington, D.C.

Philadephia, PA

8. Which of the following was the very first country to introduce same-sex marriage?



United States


9. Which country holds the record for the world’s largest pride parade?





10. What does the color orange represent in the Pride flag?





11. Who is the first openly gay CEO of a prominent multinational company?

Tim cook (Apple)

Beth Ford ( Land O’Lakes )

Martine Rothblatt ( United Therapeutics )

Brian Bickell ( Shaftesbury )

12. Which female activist has been popularly regarded as "The Mother Of Pride"?

Janet Mock

Marsha P. Johnson

Brenda Howard

Victoria Cruz

13. Who is known as the "Grandfather of the gay rights movement" ?

Leonard Matlovich

Edith Windsor

Allan Horsfall

Larry Kramer

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