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Do you think you have what it takes to conquer the world of Minecraft?Minecraft test

1. What is the real-life time equivalent of a single day in the game Minecraft?

20 minutes

30 minutes

40 minutes

60 minutes

2. In Minecraft, falling from great heights is a common cause of death. What is the minimum height required for a fall to result in a player's death?

20 blocks

21 blocks

24 blocks

25 blocks

3. Which one is the rarest Ore in Minecraft?




Red stone

4. What type of area is Y-11 typically regarded as in Minecraft?

Area has fewer monsters

Area contains a smaller number of lava pools

Area is most diamond-rich

Area has more dungeons with spawners

5. What is the highest level of brightness that the torch can achieve?





6. What would happen if you accidentally hit your dog while they were playing with a pack of wolves?

My dog will begin to attack me.

The pack of wolves will begin to attack me.

Both my dog and the pack of wolves will begin to attack me.

Nothing will happen

7. If you haven't found coal, what is the process for making a torch?

Combine black ink with wool and a stick.

Kill some zombies cuz they often drop torches.

Burn wood in a furnace to make charcoal.

It's impossible.

8. What cannot be broken by the Ender Dragon?

End Stone



All of above

9. What happens when you name a mob Dinnerbone or Grumm?

They will turn upside down.

They will die.

They will become faster.

Nothing will happen.

10. What is the best way to tame an Ocelot?

Keep petting them until they're happy.

Pet them first and then give them fish to eat.

Approach it slowly and wait for it to come to you before giving it fish.

11. Irony golems spawn in villages and they are there to protect the villagers. They also drop iron ingots if you kill them.



12. The stone sword is the least effective type of sword for combat.



13. The crafting material that is most frequently used in Minecraft is leather.



15. Minecraft was first released in 2010.

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