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Personality Quiz: How Well Do You Really Know Girls?


A close female friend is wearing makeup and a fancy outfit to a friend's party. So, what would you say to her?

Does it really need to be that dramatic? It's just a party.

Do you have a crush on anyone here? What's the big deal about this?

You look so beautiful, you must have put in a lot of time and work today.

You look great today.


Your girlfriend experienced something really heartbreaking, and she expressed her sadness to you, saying, "I'm feeling so sad that I could almost cry. You seem so apathetic, can't you offer even a little comfort?" How would you react?

Is there really any reason to feel sad?

You girls just love to cry

Embrace your girlfriend tightly and provide comfort.

What can I do to help you feel better?


Suddenly, your girlfriend tells you about her best friend's boyfriend's eight-pack abs. How would you respond?

Are you in love with your best friend's boyfriend?

How do you see another person's eight-pack?

What's the biggest deal with eight-pack muscles?

I think I should go to the gym too.


What is the product in the picture?

What is the product in the picture?

Desktop plant


Eternity Flower

Jewelry Box


If you want to pick up a girl at a bar, what do you think is the best topic to discuss?

Her ex-boyfriend 

Her job 

Her physical appearance, such as body shape, clothing, and hairstyle.

Get her a drink, and start with the flavor first.


What do you do to make a girl like you?

Dress well

Act nice around her

Flirt with her

Nothing, I am perfect.


You're on your first date with your girlfriend. What do you do?

Play your phone

Start a conversation first

Kiss her

Do nothing


What should you do when your girlfriend is having a good time with her best friend?

Join the conversation immediately

Ask them if they want snacks and drinks

Go and do your own thing

Make a lot of noise so my girlfriend doesn't ignore me.


Which of the following is not an eye shadow product?

Which of the following is not an eye shadow product?