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How's your Taste in Men?personality test

1. What type of conversation would captivate you the most?

Sharing daring or unique adventures stories

A deep philosophical discussion

Talking about Music, Art, or Movie

Engaging in light-hearted banter and exploring each other's interests.

2. What's your ideal date ?

Exploring an adrenaline-pumping outdoor activity, like skydiving or bungee jumping.

Engaging in deep conversations over a candlelit dinner at a cozy restaurant.

Visiting an art gallery or attending a live performance.

Have a fun-filled evening with laughter, good food, and someone I like.

3. Which of the following Marvel Superheros you will choose as your date?


The Hulk

Iron Man

Captain America

4. Which celebrity would you choose as your dream date?

Leonardo DiCaprio

Ryan Gosling

Robert Pattinson

Ian Somerhalder

5. How important is a sense of humor to you?

Extremely important, laughter is key!

Moderately important, but not a deal-breaker

Not very important, other qualities matter more

I prefer a more serious and reserved demeanor

6. Which of the following professions would you find more attractive in a man?

Successful businessman

Artist or musician

Athlete or sportsman

College professor or lecturer

7. What is your least favorite type of male?

The Self-Obsessed Narcissist: A man who is excessively focused on himself, his appearance, and his own needs. He lacks empathy and tends to prioritize his own interests over others'.

The Arrogant Alpha: A man who is overly confident, brash, and constantly seeks to dominate others. He has a superiority complex and lacks empathy.

The Indecisive Dreamer: A man who is constantly lost in his own world, lacking ambition and direction. He may struggle to make decisions and is often unreliable.

The Insecure Clingy: A man who is excessively needy, possessive, and dependent. He may struggle with self-confidence and constantly seeks validation from others.

8. What physical feature do you find most attractive in a man?

Chiseled jawline and defined facial features

Mesmerizing eyes and captivating gaze

Fit and toned physique

Gorgeous smile and pearly white teeth

9. What kind of style do you prefer in a man?

Classic and well-dressed

Casual and laid-back

Edgy and adventurous

Sporty and athletic

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