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Test Your Knowledge and Passion for the Sport baseball test

1. Which MLB team has a policy that forbids players, coaches, and executives from having long hair and beards?

New York Yankees

San Francisco Giants

Cincinnati Reds

Texas Rangers

2. Which team was originally known as the Boston Americans?

Boston Red Sox

Baltimore Orioles

Minnesota Twins

Detroit Tigers

3. Which team is the biggest rival of the New York Yankees?

Tampa Bay Rays

Baltimore Orioles

Boston Red Sox

Toronto Blue Jays

4. Which MLB team was the first to win three consecutive World Series championships?

New York Yankees

Boston Red Sox

Oakland Athletics

San Francisco Giants

5. What National League slugger was known as 'Stretch' and 'Big Mac'?

Willie McCovey

Phil Rizzuto

Albie Pearson

Eddie Gaedel

6. What number was Babe Ruth?





7. Which one of these individuals has never played for the New York Yankees?

Don Larsen

Mickey Mantle

Jackie Robinson

Wally Pipp

8. Which family name had 5 brothers playing in Major League Baseball?





9. Who was the first National Leaguer ever to hit a homerun in an All-Star Game?

Rogers Hornsby

Frankie Frisch

Hack Wilson

Arky Vaughn

10. Who is the only MLB player to win the Sullivan Award?

Whether you're a die-hard fan or just enjoy watching a game now and then, get ready to swing for the fences and prove your expertise. Let's step up to the plate and begin this exciting baseball quiz!