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How Well Do You Know About OKR?OKR Trivia Quiz

1. What does OKR stand for?

Objectives and Key Results

Outcomes and Key Results

Open and Key Results

Overall and Key Results

2. Who developed OKR methodology?

Peter Drucker

John Doerr

Andrew Grove

Larry Page

3. What is the primary purpose of using OKR?

Tracking employee attendance

Setting and achieving ambitious goals

Increasing employee salaries

Monitoring office expenses

4. How often are OKR typically set?





5. Which is a correct definition of an "Objective" in OKR methodology?

A vague notion of what needs to be achieved in a given timeframe.

A detailed plan outlining all the tasks necessary to achieve.

A specific, measurable goal that helps guide and align the efforts of individuals and teams.

A team member responsible for results

6. How many Key Results are recommended per Objective?





7. What is the ideal format for writing Key Results?

Specific and measurable

Vague and general

Subjective and opinion-based

Unattainable and unrealistic

8. How often should progress be reviewed in OKR implementation?

Do you really know what OKR stands for, or are you just guessing? Take our OKR quiz and find out!