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Queen quiz:How Well Do You Know About Queen?

1. Which year was Queen formed?





2. What was the name of Queen's lead vocalist?

Roger Taylor

John Deacon

Brian May

Freddie Mercury

3. Which song was Queen's first number one hit in the UK?

"Bohemian Rhapsody"

"We Will Rock You"

"Killer Queen"

"Another One Bites the Dust"

5. What was the name of Queen's iconic guitarist?

Freddie Mercury

John Deacon

Roger Taylor

Brian May

6. How many members were in the band Queen?





7. Which song became one of Queen's biggest hits and is often played at sporting events?

"Don't Stop Me Now"

"We Are the Champions"

"Under Pressure"

"Somebody to Love"

8. What was the name of Queen's first live album?

"Queen Live"

"Live Magic"

"Live at Wembley '86"

"Live Killers"

9. Queen provided the soundtrack for which film?

A Hard Day's Night

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

The Great Gatsby

Flash Gordon

10. In what year did Freddie Mercury pass away?

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