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Brooklyn 99 TV test: How Well Do You Know "Brooklyn Nine-Nine"? Quiz

1. What is the name of the elementary school that Jake and Gina attended together?

PS 118

PS 99

PS 237

PS 407

2. What is the name of the game show that Amy and Jake compete in during season 6?

The Amazing Race


The Price is Right

The Fugitive

3. Who started saying "NINE NINE!" on set to motivate other cast members?

Andy Samberg

Terry Crews

Andre Braugher

Melissa Fumero

5. What is the name of Captain Holt's husband?





6. What is the name of the precinct's mascot, a corgi?





7. What is the name of the criminal mastermind who torments the Nine-Nine for several seasons?

The Vulture

The Pontiac Bandit

The Disco Strangler

The Wuntch

8. What is the name of the annual competition that the detectives participate in on Halloween?

The Halloween Heist

The Halloween Hunt

The Halloween Hoedown

The Halloween Horror

10. What is the name of the musical that Gina performs in during season 5?

Get ready to prove just how well you know the ins and outs of the 99th precinct with our fun and challenging bk 99 quiz. From catching criminals to solving cases, this quiz will challenge even the most dedicated fans.