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Red,White & Royal Blue trivia quiz: How Much Do You Know?

1. Who are the main couples in the movie?

Alex and Henry

Zahra and Shaan

Nora and Percy

Miguel and Alex

2. What is Alex's occupation in the movie?





3. When Alex and Prince Henry were being photographed, which side of Prince Henry was Alex asked to stand on?



Either side is fine

4. What problem do Alex and Henry encounter in their relationship during the movie?

Political scandal

Lack of family support

Personal identity crisis

All of the above

5. In the movie, what items do Alex and Henry exchange as tokens of their affection?

Prince Henry's tail ring and Alex's necklace

Keys to Alex's house in Texas and Henry's necklace

Prince Henry's tail ring and the keys to Alex's house in Texas

6. How many ex-boyfriends did Alex have in the movie?





7. Who was the first person to accidentally discover the unconventional relationship between Alex and Prince Henry?

Nora (Alex's best friend)

Zahra( The deputy chief of staff for Ellen Claremont)

Amy (Secret Service Agent)

Percy (Prince Henry's best friend)

8. Which clothes were worn by both Alex and Prince Harry in the movie?

Orange hat

Blue hoodie

White blazer

Black sweater

9. On the final night of Alex's mother's presidential campaign, which tie did Prince Henry wear?

A tie with yellow roses

A tie with white roses

A plain white tie

A tie with yellow irises

10. As Prince Henry mentioned, which movie is the most swooniest in the world?

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