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Discover Your Fandom Persona


How tall are you?

pretty short


people say I'm tall


Next, would you say you're muscular?


kinda, but it doesn't show

I'm pretty muscular


Next, what's your gender identity? (some of the results are pretty gendered and this won't filter out any results, but can point to how a fandom would treat you based on like society and stuff)

cis man (more or less)

cis woman (more or less)

trans man/masc

trans woman/fem

unaligned non-binary, but i dress more femininely

unaligned non-binary, but i dress more masculine

unaligned non-binary, i dress more androgynous/idk how i dress

prefer not to answer


How do you like to dress/would if you had the opportunity?

I try wearing things l find stylish but I don't have a very distinct style or preferences

Casual, easy-to-move clothing. I don't think about it too much.

I love fashion and am always finding style inspiration and coordinating cute outfits

Something professional and appropriate for the occasion


How online are you?

I'm fairly active on social media, but lm not like always online and I got it when I was old enough

I have social media but I barely use it. I watch cute animal videos sometimes

I have social media but I don't post much and mainly just follow artists, organizations, and my IRL friends

I have had unsupervised internet access before | could even roll my infant body over

I don't use social media


Are u gay?



no but i have a strangely homoerotic rivalry with my ex best friend


prefer not to answer


What would you do if you realized you and your best friend both had a crush on the same person?

I'd tell them but let them know I won't go after them, I value my friends too much for this to dampen our bond.

I'd never tell and let them pursue my crush as my resentment grows

I'd talk to them about it and tell them if they don't plan on confessing. I don't want to compromise our friendship but I'm not gonna give up my chance.

I never had a crush so I wouldn't know

I'd ultimately tell them that I have a crush on that person and that I understand if they dislike me for it but l hope we can continue being friends


How many friends do you have?

Not many at all

I know a few people, but I don't know if l'd call them friends

Not many, but I'm always open to make more!

I have a great group of friends who I feel l can truly be myself around :-)

I have many friends and am in many friend groups but I don't feel like I truly fit in with any of them