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Superhero Quiz: If You Were a Superhero Quiz

1. What is your gender?



It’s a secret

2. Two of your best friends have a massive fight.Before things get bad, you will

Tell them exactly how they feel and to forgive each other and everything works out

I help them solve some problems and they need to work some out themselves, too

Do nothing

I help their friendship out while working on my 5000 word English paper

I am stressed , and talk to them hoping they will realize how stupid the whole thing is

I have no idea but I want to help !!!

3. Your friend starts dating your crush. You will

Tell your friend about your crush's shortcomings

Flirt with your crush

There is always something important than love

Hate you friend forever

I don't care

4. When you think people talk behind your back,your reaction is

I don't care

They just envy me

OK I will try to avoid them

Confront them straight away !

5. You are eating out tonight at the local Italian , and you spill red wine all over you new 100$ shirt. You say


It's alright,the receipt is still in my hand bag

Omg , I really hope that washes out !

Umm arrrrr. Oops , better go get a new one

6. You get a new lap top for Christmas , the first thing you do is

Download all the new games on it

Let‘s play GTA !!!

Do stupid quizzes

Make sure everything is fine!

7. Pick a colour







Wonder no more because this superhero quiz is going to reveal your true superhero identity. Whether you're a fan of Superman, Spider-Man, or any other superhero, this quiz will uncover the superhero within you.