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INFP-A/T Mediator Personality Test: What Job Could You Do?

1. How do you prefer to work?

Independently, enjoying deep thinking

In a team, collaborating on solutions

Flexibly, without strict schedules

With clear goals and plans

2. Which career field interests you most?

Arts & Design (e.g., painting, photography)

Social Sciences & Humanities (e.g., psychology, philosophy)

Business & Management (e.g., marketing, project mgmt)

Science & Technology (e.g., computer science, physics)

3. How do you approach challenges?

With innovative thinking

By discussing with others

By analyzing problems calmly

By trying new methods bravely

4. Which activity interests you most?

Writing, creating, or expressing emotions

Researching or solving complex problems

Organizing or managing tasks and people

Hands-on activities, making or fixing things

5. What aspect of work do you value most?

Creativity and imagination

Contributing to society and others

Stable income and career development

Work aligned with personal values

6. How do you typically behave in social interactions?

Empathetic, listening to others

Debating and discussing abstract ideas

Practical and efficient, solving problems

Optimistic and lively, motivating others

7. How do you describe your ideal work environment?

Quiet and comfortable for deep thinking

Vibrant and creative for collaboration

Structured and ordered with clear processes

Dynamic and responsive to new challenges