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Introversion /Extroversion Test: Are You an Introvert or Extrovert?

1. When you have free time, would you rather:

Spend it alone, reading a book or watching a movie.

Hang out with friends or attend a social event.

Enjoy a mix of both solitary and social activities.

2. In a group setting, do you feel more comfortable:

Observing and listening to others before speaking up.

Jumping into conversations and actively participating.

Feel comfortable both observing and participating as needed.

3. How do you typically recharge after a long day:

Spending time alone or engaging in a solitary activity.

Being around others and socializing.

Find a balance between alone time and social interaction for recharging.

4. When faced with a problem, do you prefer to:

Think through it on your own before discussing it with others.

Seek advice and input from friends or colleagues right away.

Sometimes reflect independently and sometimes seek input from others.

5. How do you feel about small talk:

It drains me and feels like a chore.

I enjoy it and find it easy to engage in.

Small talk is okay in moderation, but not a preference.

6. When making plans for the weekend, do you tend to:

Prefer quieter activities or staying in.

Look for social gatherings or events to attend.

Enjoy a mix of both quiet and social activities on weekends.

7. In a work or school setting, do you thrive more:

When working independently.

When collaborating with others in a team.

Thrive in both independent and collaborative work environments.

8. How do you feel about meeting new people:

It makes me a bit anxious and I prefer familiar faces.

I enjoy meeting new people and making connections.

Feel neutral about meeting new people, neither anxious nor excited.

9. When it comes to sharing your thoughts and feelings:

I tend to keep them to myself or share with a select few.

I am open and comfortable sharing with a wider circle of people.

Share thoughts and feelings based on the situation and comfort level.