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Myers Briggs Test Tells Us The Type of Animal You Are?

1. You prefer to spend a lot of time on

Being alone.

Socializing and participating in group activities.

2. Which type of person do you prefer to be friends with?

People who always have a lot of new ideas.

People who are down-to-earth.

3. How long do you think it takes for people to get to know you?

A long period.

A very short period.

4. How would you plan a new journey?

Go according to the mood and feeling of the day.

Make a very detailed plan in advance.

5. How do you usually feel when you participate in a social event?



6. At social gatherings, which one are you?

The one who talks the most.

The silent one.

7. When dealing with problems, do you pay more attention to feelings or logic?



8. How do people usually think of you?

A person who attaches great importance to privacy.

A very frank and open person.

9. Working according to strict work guidelines and schedules makes you feel

Very satisfied.

Very constrained.

10. What type of course do you prefer?

Mainly theoretical knowledge.

Requiring a lot of practical experience.

11. Which factor is more likely to influence your decision?


The opinions and feelings of others.

12. When you order food in a café, what kind of drink do you prefer to order?

A newly introduced drink.

The ones I used to drink.

13. What does your playlist make up?

The top hits of the charts.

Less popular songs that I like.

14. What do you usually do when you want to hold a party?

Set the time right away.

Take your time to set the date according to everyone's needs and various situations.

15. Would you like a sudden surprise?



16. Do you like to share your daily life on social networks?



17. Which of the following factors do you think is more important in life?

Rich interpersonal connections.

Excellent personal ability.

18. Are you tolerant of others' tardiness or missing appointments?

Absolutely not.

It varies based on the circumstances. Minor delays or genuine emergencies are tolerable.

19. When something seems unimprovable despite your best efforts, will you persist?