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Explore the depths of your intellect with our captivating Mental Age quiz

1. If you can, are you willing to live in a foreign country for a while?


Maybe not

Depends on the situation

2. How do you usually spend your weekend?

Stay at home and take a rest,be like doing nothing

Stay at home and do some housework

Hang out with my friends

3. Will you cry alone when you are sad?




4. Do you think you will be a mediocre person for your whole life?

Of course not.

I think maybe I will

I don't have any ideas now.

5. During the night before you will go for a trip, your quality of sleep will be:

Be bad cuz I am so excited

As normal

Not good cuz I will worry about if I have good preparing for this trip.

6. Which of the following word better describe your life attitude?

Life is a challenge.

Life is gambling.

Life is such a dream

Life is fucking me every day.

7. If you need to learn a new skill, you will feel:




depends on the situation

8. How often do you have a new hairstyle?

Very often

Sometimes depends on the situation

I seldom change my hairstyle

9. Do you like to reminisce?

No, I am more excited about my future.


Yes, I reminisce about my past all the time.

10. After you make a decision, you will immediately take action.




11. You are emotional and easy to get angry.



No, I am not easy to get angry.

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