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How to Spot/Identify a Playboy/ Playgirl?

1. Which of the following traits is most likely possessed by the Playboy/Playgirl?

Rarely uses social media

Honest and simple characteristic

Colorful life and social circle

Often shares opinions on social issues

2. Which personality trait is most likely possessed by the Playboy/Playgirl?

Able to chat with everyone

Shows signs of antisocial personality

Cold and aloof

Not good at socializing and appears shy

3. If the Playboy/Playgirl is feeling down and posts a story on Instagram, what would the content most likely be?

Completely dark screen with tiny text

Shares a funny video

Poll asking followers who's free for dinner

Shares a song from Spotify

4. What is a common tactic the Playboy/Playgirl might use to bewilder the other person?

Frequently posts career-related content on social media (e.g., insurance, buying and selling, commodities)

Often flirts with the other person

Constantly wants to contact the other person by phone

Daily greetings and timely sharing of their life

5. When going out on a date, the Playboy/Playgirl often uses which method to leave a good impression?

Implementing a fair split of expenses to show fairness

Actively listening to the other person, occasional casual physical contact

Sharing past romantic experiences

Reminding the other person of how excellent they are

6. During a chat, the Playboy/Playgirl might use which method to keep the other person interested in continuing the conversation?

Some romantic words and care

Sharing hookups at nightclubs

Admitting to having a crush on the other person and mentioning it often

Playing hard to get, showing interest but then pulling back

7. What is the Playboy/Playgirl most afraid of happening?

Being asked out for a meal by the other person

The other person not liking them

The other person feeling sad

Finding out the other person is also a Playboy/Playgirl

8. Which quality might the Playboy/Playgirl possess to attract others?

Exceptionally good appearance

Career-focused and ambitious

Talented (e.g., cooking, music, dancing) and humorous

Enjoys making friends with everyone, regardless of familiarity

9. For the other person, the Playboy/Playgirl might be seen as which role?

Mentor. Often lectures and guides the other person on the right path

Soulmate. Shows understanding in every situation the other person faces

Pet. Obedient and responsive to any request

Playmate. Will accompany the other person to any entertainment venue