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Psychopath Spectrum Test: Are You Psycho?

1. If you were a serial killer, why would you always stab your victims several times with a sharp weapon in a transparent glass elevator and leave quickly?

To avoid being seen by others

To watch the victim die painfully from outside

To go kill the next person quickly

To flee the crime scene quickly

2. Your enemy is hanging on to a branch at the edge of a cliff to prevent himself from falling. How would you make him fall?

Step on him with your feet

Pull his fingers one by one

Use a big nail to pin his hand to the branch

Burn him with fire

3. If you were a thief and the owner of the house woke up to find you stealing, and he quickly hid in a wardrobe without a lock after making eye contact with you. You had a knife with you. What would you do next?

Open the wardrobe door and go in to kill him or burn the wardrobe with fire

Turn around and leave

Sit in front of the wardrobe and wait until he comes out and kill him

Push the wardrobe over so he can't get out

4. You couldn't sleep at night and came to the balcony to enjoy the scenery outside. Suddenly, you saw a man stabbing a woman below. As you picked up your phone to call the police, you suddenly made eye contact with the man, and he pointed at you several times. What did he mean?

To remind you that someone is behind you

If you call the police, you'll be dead

He's counting which floor you live on

Wait for me, I'll be right there

5. In a primary school classroom, the children pranked a girl by putting a sharp nail on her chair. After a while, the girl returned to the classroom and was about to sit down and pull the chair out from under the desk when someone called out to her. Why did that person call out to the girl?

To tell the girl there's a nail on the chair

To call her for another reason

To distract the girl so she wouldn't see the nail on the chair

6. You visited an art exhibition to appreciate the paintings. As you walked and admired the artworks, you stopped in front of a painting that depicted a soldier wounded in war. Guess which part of the soldier's body was injured?

Head or chest

Arm or leg



7. There are 9 sheep and 4 people, including you. Now these 4 people need to divide these 9 sheep evenly. How would you divide them?

Each person takes 2 sheep first, and we'll discuss what to do with the remaining one later

Kill all the sheep and distribute them by weight

Kill one person and the remaining 3 people can divide them evenly

8. Santa Claus gave a little boy a beautiful bicycle and a football as gifts, but the boy didn't seem happy at all. He just stared at Santa Claus with a blank expression and didn't say anything. Why?